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Testimonial for Ayoub Jaberi, ALFA Electric; For all those folks out there looking for an honest testimonial, then we pray you are reading ours; Robinson Family Home; 1999 through 2015;

Shortly after we moved into our new home and the warranty ran out we began to have problems and challenges with the wiring and electrical issues. First the circuit breakers keep going off, knocking off power in the bathrooms and to our outside power, to the garage and the front porch. Being relatively new to the area we did not know who to contact, or who we could trust, as we had heard horror stories of poor contractors, licensed & otherwise that resulted in substantial costs for our neighbors. So being very spiritual we prayed about it. Yes dear friends and neighbors reading this testimonial we prayed about it. When we next opened the phone book the page opened to ALFA Experts Electric, who we then called. Low and behold Mr Jaberi answered his own phone, promised my 75 year old mother a special discount and our relationship with ALFA Experts Electric was underway. He did the job in 2 hours, told us how to correct the issue if it ever arouse again. Apparently when they built the house the original contractors had done some sloppy wiring. Mr. Jaberi had diagnosed the problem, corrected & even gave my mom a special discount, as a senior citizen. We were happy as clams, satisfied & said we would use him in the future.
Over the next 15 years we would use Alpha Experts Electric & Mr Jaberi 3 times, all with outstanding results and very fair pricing. Mr Jaberi continued to give my Mom a special senior discount that came with all sorts of perks and help. Recently after we had ALFA Experts Electric re-wire our entire home, Mr Jaberi even took my mom out for a special 90th birthday meal all on Mr Jaberi and ALFA Experts Electric as a special thank you for all the past business. I am truly grateful to Mr Jaberi, for everything he has done to assist myself and my Mom.

Sincerely Scott (the son)

Scott (Hinda's Son)

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